Automatic Faucet STR085

Automatic Faucet STR085
Automatic Faucet STR085 Automatic Faucet STR085

Automatic Faucet STR085

Name: Automatic Faucet
Model: STR085
This automatic faucet allows for safe, hygienic, germ free faucet. With hand free design, the spread of germs and diseases by touching the faucet each use is eliminated. With this faucet, your water consumption will be reduced tremendously and you will never worry about overflowing again.
Material: solid brass construction
Detection distance: 15-25 or optional
Diameter of inlet/outlet pipe: G1/2''
Protection Level: IP56
Water pressure: 0.05-0.7Mpa.
Power: DC6V or AC220V for optional.

*Adopts new 360°Surround Sensor Detection technology, Touch Free Operation. Water flush automatically just once hand close to faucet, eliminates cross-contamination
*Military grade intelligent Chip has strong anti-interference ability, so avoids any error operation.
*Adjust the sensor distance automatically, more sensitive and convenient
*Adopts innovative circuit injection technology brings lower power consumption and longer service life.
*Energy-saving: Modern digital technology employed, with ultra low energy consumption.
*Patented structure design, easy installation and maintain.
*High-standard Plating Finish, Strong Resist Corrosion, Scratch Resistance & Anti-rust. Pass 72H ASS Salt Spray Test
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